Troy Innocent
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16 verbs
Troy Innocent 2015
laser cut acrylic and plywood, artist software, sound and animation, dimensions variable

The Devil is in the Detail
Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide, Australia, 28 May - 27 June 2015.

evolve, grow, collect, create, hunt, kill, capture, transform, dance, think, speak, explore, escape, run, fight, hide

Each sculpture is a code constructed via a language created for the pieces, as described previously. They are part of a larger project that explores the possibilities of nonverbal and visual languages and the kind of worlds and experiences that these manifest. Each language embeds within it a certain worldview or way of being and I’m really interested in how this plays out, especially in the digital era when each interface, game, system represents a language in itself and so a potentially different way of seeing the world.

64 Ways of Being



Wayfinder Live

Excerpts (Xelbourne)

Urban Code

Pattern Recognition

Double Abstraction

New Abstraction

speak. think. transform.

grow. clone. mutate.

revert. renew. remake.

16 verbs for Ludea