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Troy Innocent 2009
generative drawing software

Asemic Writing 1
Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide, Australia, 21 March - 27 April 2013.

autograf is a generative asemic writing system written as part of research into experimental ecosystems. It generates tags by recombining gestures from a collection of marks used to form letters in graffiti tags. The languages that are generated by this process are both familiar and alien; its tags look like letters but remain indecipherable.

It is constantly and rapidly reinscribing itself as being generated by a gang of autonomous mecha-graf artists. The tags consume and erase one another with those that are most successful at holding onto territory within the moving image reproducing with one another and generating stylistic hybrids. The processes behind this interaction are modeled on an ecosytem made of language—tags have energy, they live and die, replicate, and may steal or give energy to their neighbours. This ecosystem is sonified; the generated soundtrack reflects the ebb and flow of energy in the system.

This system belongs to the Ludean family of languages. The first of these appeared in the colonization of the City of Melbourne by the Micronation of Ludea in 2005. In ‘Scenes from Ludea’ familiar laneways were reinscribed by tags in orange, green and blue; representing the three major factions of Ludea. The next iteration of these forms was hardened into a material expression as urban art environments in ‘Field of Play’ in 2007. A year later the language emerged as sound and light in the glyphs of ‘Colony’ that flicker and click in communication with one another.

All languages in this family share similar rules of interaction and use. There are dynamics in the interactions of the coloured tags: orange beats green, green beats blue, blue beats orange. Each system shares similar digital DNA, interpreted in different ways using formal rules common to signs and symbols such those that govern symmetry, geometry and intersection. autograf is an iteration of a larger project that explores parallels in processes of biological and linguistic evolution.

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