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Double Abstraction
Troy Innocent 2016
laser cut plywood and acrylic with webcam, iPads, artist software, video projector and sound

Five Walls Projects, Melbourne, Australia, 20 July - 6 August 2016.

This exhibition presents new work that explores the potential of geometric abstraction to generate a nonverbal ‘alphabet’ of coded objects. Sculptures are simultaneously in dialogue with the space of the gallery and an ‘augmented reality’ expressed as a digital layer of animation and sound. This layer is generated by an algorithm that decodes the patterns on the surfaces of the sculpture to generate further permutations of the code embedded in the object. Through this process a double meaning of abstraction is expressed as the viewer shifts between reading the space as a gallery and as a playful – and interactive – encounter with code in a ‘mixed reality’.

Operating in this new space, this hybrid practice cultivates media ecologies of sculpture, sound, programming, animation, and installation that explore a new materialism that traverses object, screen, form, and space.

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Double Abstraction

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speak. think. transform.

grow. clone. mutate.

revert. renew. remake.

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