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New Abstraction
Troy Innocent 2015
laser cut acrylic and plywood, artist software, sound and animation, 64 markers, dimensions variable

Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 15 May - 27 June 2015.

I am interested in the abstraction of the world through code, and in making work that explores connections between language and life processes. In this exhibition, abstraction has a double meaning – a personal aesthetic generated by colour, form and space; and the codifying of reality via digital rules and systems. During the last century, abstract art responded to the possibility of a universal language – new forms of communication and exchange. Now, during the ludic century, abstraction responds to a post-digital realm that rejects anthropocentric perspectives to see the world in terms complex self-organising systems – a new abstraction.

Operating in this new space, my hybrid practice cultivates media ecologies of sculpture, sound, programming, animation, and installation that explore a new materialism that traverses object, screen, form, and space. The viewer encounters a double abstraction in the interstitial space of a ‘mixed reality’ when experiencing the works. In doing so they capture the processes of language in flux, each layer of reality codifying and abstracting the work again – code being the primary material that constitutes the works.

This could be described as a ‘third language’ floating across the pre-linguistic; post-symbolic; post-literate – a hybrid language. The signs and symbols crafted to express this language are in conversation with the gallery – they mark, inhabit, occupy, and reform the space; and one another. These environments create architectures that embody viewers and engage them with the artwork as a whole. In these encounters I hope that the viewer will experience processes that operate between the digital and material, the familiar and the alien, the virtual and the actual, abstraction and reality.

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New Abstraction

speak. think. transform.

grow. clone. mutate.

revert. renew. remake.

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