Troy Innocent
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Pattern Recognition
Troy Innocent 2017
laser cut plywood, hardboard and acrylic with augmented reality

Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 24 March - 29 April 2017.

Photo credit: Brent Edwards

This exhibition interrogates the hidden potential of geometric abstraction, through the visual language of code. Agency is placed in the hands of the viewer, challenging the static nature of sculptural forms. Through the use of an augmented reality application, the viewer reveals layers of animation, information and music, coded within the geometric language of the works.

From digital maps for wayfinding, to visualisations of climate change, or the predication of election results, pattern recognition is central to this worldview, as it is coded into the abstractions through which we understand the contemporary world. Strategies of pattern recognition and psychogeographic abstractions are applied to create experiences of these bodies of data, as code mediates and creates the world simultaneously, giving rise to a rich multiplicity of meaning as it traverses the virtual and the actual.

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