Troy Innocent
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N'arweet Carolyn Briggs, Hugh Davies, Olivia Guntark and Troy Innocent 2019
AR audiowalk

RMIT University

Storie of land, river and sky.

Exploring the multiple, multisensorial and contested modes of making place, TIMeR features stories of land, river and sky with Boonwurrung elder N'Arweet Carolyn Briggs. Participants will be transformed into wayfarers as they move across the RMIT campus to uncover alternate cartographies, bringing new insights to familiar routes.

64 Ways of Being



Wayfinder Live

Excerpts (Xelbourne)

Urban Code

Pattern Recognition

Double Abstraction

New Abstraction

speak. think. transform.

grow. clone. mutate.

revert. renew. remake.

16 verbs for Ludea