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Wayfinder Live
Troy Innocent 2016-
location-based augmented reality game

Melbourne, Taipei, Bristol

Wayfinder Live is a free to play location-based augmented reality game. Scanning urban codes on the street unlock fragments of animation and sound that document traces of a hidden micronation.

Originally created for Melbourne International Games Week, Wayfinder live is a live game in which you explore cities through play. Wayfinding not to get from a to b but to find a new way to be. That way to be is in a place called the Micronation of Ludea. If you have played a game then you have been to Ludea. It is that space you go to when you are ‘in-game’, in the zone, immsersed in play. In Wayfinder Live you use tokens to influence territories and claim them for your clan: paint the town orange, green or blue?

64 Ways of Being



Wayfinder Live

Excerpts (Xelbourne)

Urban Code

Pattern Recognition

Double Abstraction

New Abstraction

speak. think. transform.

grow. clone. mutate.

revert. renew. remake.

16 verbs for Ludea